War Game Memories

Imagine peering into black, hearing cans jangle, leaning on the M60, sweating bullets, knowing some little mother fucker is going to slip into the bunker and slit my throat. I got through another night unscathed. Yeah! * I lived in a 2 man bunker with a brother from Chicago. He was on his third tour. Said […]


Blind; without sight + Fold; body of believers = body of believers without sight. three scrawny brown men blindfolded kneeling foreheads in the dust elbows bound tight behind the ROK officer gives a command no sound from the three men a soldier unholsters his 45 and fires into each head one head takes two bullets […]

The Space Creep

We get stoned out on the gun. When Brady joins us with his big head, we crack jokes and run for cover. Run for your lives. The Space Creep has landed. Hey brother, take off that head. We hide behind sandbags to blast the Creep with bullets, grenades and the M72 LAW. He stands in […]

“Sorry you guys.”

B-52’s drop their bombs by accident Sergeant Scott sizzles napalm crisp Suzie & the kids back home get a letter. “Sorry you guys.” Fred Nicholson


In my room on the bed green soldiers fight over cotton hills through woolen grass to wrinkled rivers rushing past. Fred Nicholson

Bloody Tune

They bend him in half, bind ankles to wrists and drop him in the 55 gallon drum so only his butt sticks out. Voice 1: How they keep them little skinny mother fuckers from totally disappearing? Voice 2: Man, they fill them barrels halfway with rocks. The ROKS (Republic of Korean Soldiers) beat an early […]

“Where’d They Go?”

Suspected VC in a row all trussed up like birds for roasting. The ROKS* (Republic of Korean Soldiers) go about their daily regimen occasionally returning to kick or stomp a bird or two. After awhile we lose interest and go back inside to get high. A few days later I notice the birds are no […]

I Remember

Chuck bought another round of beers. He had returned from Afghanistan a few months earlier. We talked about his experiences for a while and then the war talk settled on Vietnam. He said, “The difference between Vietnam vets and other vets is the Vietnam vet didn’t have a support system or transition period”. The words […]