Death creeps up on us.

Death creeps up on us. We open the door and there it is, smiling. No time left.  now what? NO TIME LEFT!

After the early morning

After the early morning, hot yoga class, a woman said there was a label stuck to the bottom of my foot. I pulled it off. Thank God it read ‘organic’ and not ‘Walmart’.

Tink and See

Tink and See When it’s not said your way, the right way, do you get flustered? When you see ugly me, is there a mirror between us?

Want to serve the people?

Want to serve the people? Fill their bellies with food their minds with presence their hearts with love.

Mind is a box

Mind is a box…closed. Projections off the wall come back at you slightly changed…as new. You want new? You gonna have to trust…death is all ways present…and keep the lid wide open


Terror by noN-Terrorists Sell weapons to A and B, then watch them kill USA, 6 PM.

b be bee

The what who how you appear can change the instant a mosquito draws blood. Be arm blood meal OUCH! itch scratch honey suckle hearts b   be   bee       you choose who what how