You ever be driving along, when a critter skitters across and you glance in the rear view mirror?     69

A child is born

A child is born His life force crushed His will to live Lifeless.   RACISM  

the Mirage!

‘I am hanging on       barely’ he said. A wisp of web tugged at by a hint of wind. Let go   be wisp  web  hint  air ‘Let go of what?’ he asked.     89

Sign Postings

For sale: old nanny, white wine, rocking chair, red wagon, black man. Need not apply: one(1) African American female with natural hair. Patrons only, buy 2 get 1 free, Private sector, Public park, No sleeping.     105

The other evening while engaging . . .

The other evening while engaging with others in deep spirit work,  a rush of emotion crinkled my face awash with joy. A woman turned to me and asked, ‘Why are you so happy?’.  My immediate response was, ‘Because I am’ and added ‘and can be.’ We have a need to interpret,  judge and justify our […]

The old man says,

The old man says, ‘Flying is from here to there. Where is there? There and no where are the same. Try being there when you’re here, here, here ” Mind says, ‘For me to function logically I need from there to here to there. An empty mind is no mind. Which do you prefer, mind or no mind?” […]

When I’m in the woods . . .

When I’m in the woods leashed to Kaia, she takes the lead. I follow. When I’m ready, we head home. It’s difficult to surrender in/to life. Our walks are getting longer.