Some say, ‘nuts . . .

Some say, ‘nuts kill themselves’. Others say, ‘nuts seed the earth’. What’s your take?       106

My friend said,

My friend said, ‘When someone cuts me off in traffic I say out loud, ‘If I knew you, I’d love you’. Later in the day I thought ‘love is not conditional’. I’d prefer to say, ‘I know you and I love you’. Say them both and feel the difference.       90


Gravestones are above ground. Life teems beneath. Isn’t that odd?       79

May all beings,

May all beings, known and unknown, knowing and not, love.       77

Head or Heart?

One is not better than the other.   Head builds the road. Heart travels without rage.

in Poor Town

A child today may be an adult killed by a killer tomorrow. Will your child be a killer killed or a killed killer?       76