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a Point of View, Terrorism

 You are squatting in the thatched hut with other young children. The old woman is trying to quiet you all. *** You are a pilot, approaching the designated hamlet. At the given command, you release the napalm.  

God Dog

Dog                      God

He said. She said.

He said. She said. He said do it with hard pounding. She said go slow and lick the petals. Tender izing       119  

Barack Obama sounds African

Barack Obama sounds African to me. Africans kill each other with machetes and eat their babies. Obama has probably eaten babies. He could be a baby eating killer. I can’t vote for him. Besides, he doesn’t look like an American President.       94

We say, I love you,

We say, “I love you me him her them  peace, this that the other, ice cream and Jello.” I say, “Feeling, not saying, is love. If you don’t feel it, forget it.”       113  

the Masseuse

Her fingers touch my skin lifting here and there chills, whimpers, sighs, feelings coming alive     109

Fredisms started as scribbled . . .

Fredisms began as scribbled notes on a yellow legal pad, while driving at between 10 and 70 mph. I have learned to drive while scripting the fast flowing thoughts with my right hand. Someone asked if I had a death wish. No, I don’t. This is how I access what you read here. Lately, more of […]