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She said the 9 year old . . .

She said the 9 year old Sioux kid had attempted suicide 3 times, the last time just 5 days ago. I had the opportunity to play and speak with this child. Afterwards my heart bled sorrow.       123

Why is war . . .

Why is war called a bitch? Its man that orchestrates it. Now life is something else.  We never know what it’s going to offer one moment to the next.       116  

The family

Who gave man all the credit? I thought it took 2 to start a family.       120

We’re so proud . . .

We are so proud of our ‘We the People’ document. LIVE!   LOVE!   (Doesn’t that say it all?) We may need a wake-up call to accept that simple mantra. HEADLINE NEWS: Rogue Planet Heading This Way!       125

What do we know?

What do we know? We don’t know what we know. If we knew what we know, we’d know what we think we know leaves space on a pinheads.       114

Man squeezes through

Man squeezes through the womb, looks around, throws up his arms and shouts, “It’s all mine”.   So quickly we forget.       121

Tonto and Pocahontas . . .

Tonto and Pocahontas served their white masters. Now they serve their master’s master.   Bearing the cross.

When I die, . . .

When I die, you die with me. My ‘you’ is the only one in existence.       115