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The other evening

The other evening while engaging with others in deep spirit work, a rush of emotion crinkled my face awash with joy. A woman turned to me and asked, “Why are you so happy”? My immediate response was, ‘Because I am and can be’ We have a need to interpret, judge and justify our emotions when […]

God is God

God is God. Christian, apple, Muslim, peach, blue berry pie.  

You wanna be love d?

You wanna be love   d? 2 steps! 1st)   No   if   when   but. 2nd) Love    Simply love.

“Look here”, she says.

“Look here”, she says. “This proves his love for me. They say love is measured in grams and carats. I measure my love in ounces at the juice bar. Love that lasts forever? Any pawn shop will dispel that myth.       99


“I think people get nervous around me.”   Go home and ask, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most nervous of them all”?

Each Flake

Each flake may gladden or madden. Take a look at snowflakes and dandruff.



Walk and Talk

How often do we walk the talk and forego the locomotion?       108