Webster’s defines story as the telling of a happening or connected series of happenings, whether true or fictitious.

I have my own definition. A story is any recollection/telling, mental or verbal, of an event. Even true stories are ‘made up’ because they are never related in the ‘moment to moment’ experience. 5 people will relate an event from their own perspective.

My stories are all made up, just as yours are. We create, accept and choose to believe them as truth or not.  

My stories follow.


Secrets A child in thought is how I most remember myself. A child talking little, thinking a lot, afraid a lot. Loving peace and quiet, hating when he comes home sick. Not understanding her when she rattles on in a language that seems to be English but somehow isn’t. Loving when he promises to take […]

Your Worst Night Mare

I am your night mare bitch in heat   volcanic ash   budding embers laying-low until next time.   Dishes   pots and pans full food cans flung across the room puts ‘I love you’ to the test.   Do you pass or fail to see the light of day each time   you look that way and see […]

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag  is a fun kid’s game. I’ve also played it with 20 men on opposing teams in the Canadian woods. If it were only a game, that’d be great. Regrettably it reflects life in the so-called real world.  Winning trumps resolution. Lets break it down. The flags’ cotton is likely grown in different fields. The […]

OM OM and OM

I read somewhere that God created us in Her image. Omnipotent: Her influence touches all life on earth and beyond. Omnipresent:Her presence is everywhere at the same time. Omniscient: Her knowledge is beyond our comprehension, so why bother to define it? Christ says “. . .with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). I have […]

War Game Memories

Imagine peering into black, hearing cans jangle, leaning on the M60, sweating bullets, knowing some little mother fucker is going to slip into the bunker and slit my throat. I got through another night unscathed. Yeah! * I lived in a 2 man bunker with a brother from Chicago. He was on his third tour. Said […]

We Do Her Too

It’s a winter’s night in our 13th floor bedroom. Both windows are wide open. The room smells like urine. We shiver from the cold. One cot mattress is wet and leans against the wall, so it will dry quicker. Both sides have been eaten through by too many accidents. We sit on the other cot […]


Taxiii . . . When I returned from Vietnam I held many different jobs for short periods of time. For more years than I can remember I drove a New York City taxicab at nights and had a multitude of memorable experiences doing so. I once picked up three young people, a woman and two […]

Hot Dog

Hey woman, run next door and tell Charlie we’d like some hotdogs. What did you say? What, I gotta repeat myself? This is the fourth of July. We supposed to have hot dogs. You must have lost your mind. The shock of them repossessing our clothes, furniture and everything else and throwin’ us out here […]

Hard Knocks

bang bang banging on the door. “Open up! It’s the police!” I look down at the busted jug and at the dent in the wall, where the statue virgin mary whizzed past my head. Sure, I could have left run away years ago but each time we took another gamble. The gambling is over. I […]

Top Management

Rachel climbed the stairs. ‘One leg up down and pull up the rest of me. Left . . . right . . . left . . .’ More than a few times she stopped to suck in some thinning air. Rachel looked up through the spiraling steps. She still had a long way to go. […]

I trust, I pray, I imagine

I trust spirit will move me in the highest way. I pray to be open and receptive whenever the call comes. I imagine joy pouring through my heart will drench all beings in torrential love. I imagine whosoever crosses my path will depart with every hair, cell and thought soaked in bliss full tranquility. I […]


woman open your eyes you pour forth    children come alive. man takes the credit for life rests in his hands he says pain is natural you were made from ribs stay in your place woman you bear the blossoms that return to earth open your mouth      shout ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Fred Nicholson


Funny they are. Sounds made by fluttering bits of flesh, received by tiny sculptured bone and interpreted by what I had stepped on in Malaysia. I had just got off the bus and was heading to the ‘warang’ eating stall to grab a quick bite. There was a fellow working on his motorcycle. As I […]


Blind; without sight + Fold; body of believers = body of believers without sight. three scrawny brown men blindfolded kneeling foreheads in the dust elbows bound tight behind the ROK officer gives a command no sound from the three men a soldier unholsters his 45 and fires into each head one head takes two bullets […]

The Space Creep

We get stoned out on the gun. When Brady joins us with his big head, we crack jokes and run for cover. Run for your lives. The Space Creep has landed. Hey brother, take off that head. We hide behind sandbags to blast the Creep with bullets, grenades and the M72 LAW. He stands in […]

“Sorry you guys.”

B-52’s drop their bombs by accident Sergeant Scott sizzles napalm crisp Suzie & the kids back home get a letter. “Sorry you guys.” Fred Nicholson