Webster’s defines story as the telling of a happening or connected series of happenings, whether true or fictitious.

I have my own definition. A story is any recollection/telling, mental or verbal, of an event. Even true stories are ‘made up’ because they are never related in the ‘moment to moment’ experience. 5 people will relate an event from their own perspective.

My stories are all made up, just as yours are. We create, accept and choose to believe them as truth or not.  

My stories follow.

Kaia D

It’s challenging to live being here now when most of us exist in before and after. When we are out and about Kaia  sniff, sniff, . . . sniffs,  being a dog. I’m thinking about this, that and the bacon I’m  going to have for breakfast. *** Kaia D and me. D: You look at […]


Do you know what welfare means? It means I’m going with Ma and a big brown US Department of Agriculture bag open in the shopping cart to the Welfare Distribution Center in another project building, across from the basketball court. It means walking past the basketball court where all the guys hang out. It means […]


Merriam defines it as ‘an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger and accompanied by increased automatic activity’. I say, ‘Huh?’. Roosevelt said the only thing to fear is fear itself. I agree with him. Roosevelt was not looked upon as being a great sage but those 8 words are profound […]

Show me forever!

Here’s an interesting read. This Wikipedia page lists the world’s largest empires by land area and GDP. For some unknown reason America doesn’t make the list. The USA has the largest military deployment in the world since the beginning of recorded history. We have military personnel in about 150 countries, or 75% of the […]

Who . . . me?

Black or white is how I sometimes perceive an incoming remark. One such example follows. A few weeks ago I called a friend while driving. A short time into our chitchat she asked if I was driving and I said, ‘No’. Nearing the end of our talk I admitted to having been driving the entire time. […]

Kids, Ladies, Gents & God

This afternoon I stopped at the Albertson’s crosswalk for the Oriental man pulling the grocery cart with two little bubbly kids side by side, one brown and one blonde, pushing. I heart smiled. ***** I’ve heard, “Morning little lady”.  I haven’t heard anyone coin the term “Morning little gentleman” yet. True, Louisa May Alcott did […]

Thank You.

When they think/say       I’m stupid, mad, a genius, sad, thin, fat, happy, glad, bright, dim, good or bad . . . just reply with,     thank you. Let’s try that on for size. What don’t you like about yourself, in one word?       I’m . . . “Thank you. I […]

Homeward Bound

Check her out? Who? Over there, in the rain coat. Check out that booty. Man, she’s cute. Yeah, but what is she doing here? Could be working for someone in the valley, but I’ve never seen her before. Look. She didn’t buy anything. Maybe she’s hiding a flank steak somewhere. We got nothing cooking. Let’s […]

Protected American Interests

We’re all American, right? The political types gobble-gobble about protecting American interests. Are they talking about protecting all our American interests or about their selected few? The next time you hear those 3 words (protecting American interests), ask yourself if you’re included in this sweeping statement. Please don’t accept the first automatic answer that supports […]

Where is the Love in Business?

Love The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake sing, ‘Where is the Love?’. I enjoy most of the Black Eyed Peas songs and lyrics. I work out to their fast beats at the health club. From the first time I listened to ‘Where is the Love?’ I was puzzled by one line in their song. […]

It’s not a laughing matter.

I hand the bank teller a twenty dollar bill. ‘May I get two rolls of quarters?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘Its for my dog. I put her through the washer and dryer at the laundromat.’ ‘You what . . .’ Yeah, she’s in the car. We’re going to the laundromat.’ ‘You’re going to put your dog in the […]

Are we really all one?

So here is a question for you? What does ‘we’re all one‘ mean? Here’s another! Do you believe it? Guys let’s use a little imagination to put ourselves in the following scenario. So there you are biting dogs and popping corn with your men friends at your place. The girls are doing their own thing […]

in sync

We say, ‘change is inevitable’, believing the span it took to say it is rock solid. In the tiniest particle, change is evident. In stagnation there is change. Examine a mind or a pool with a microscope to prove it. Examine the bleached remains found on the Arizona border. Flesh today, bone tomorrow. We don’t […]

New Story?

We’re bombarded by ‘up to the minute’ news stories every day. You’d think we would have moved on by now. You’ll understand my meaning shortly. Webster defines news as: a report of recent events. says the word news was coined from the fact that early daily papers carried images of globes on their mastheads and boasted that […]

So, it’s 1956.

Here are a few memory joggers from back then. Elvis Presley introduced his hit single, ‘Hound Dog’. Dwight Eisenhower is president and Richard Nixon is vice president of the United States. Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries land in Cuba. The Virginia legislature votes to close any school that enrolls both black and white students. Israel […]

Memorial Grill Day

I’m in my car, tail end to the church, front end to a field, trees and sky, cloudy gray with fades of blue. It’s 12:09 pm, May 28th, 2012, Memorial Grill Monday. There will be uniformed parades, marching bands and mournful taps played at National Cemeteries. The purpose of the day is to commemorate all […]